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Sinde (anti-downloading ) Law: A Thorny Reality

A greatest hits album by Spanish pop star Luz Casal is the subject of the first case to be brought before the Intellectual Property Commission, the body created by the so-called Sinde anti-downloading law, aimed at combating copyright violations on the internet.

AGEDI, the collecting society that represents Spain’s phonographic producers, has filed a complaint against the Swiss owner of the website for offering allegedly unauthorized downloads of Casal’s 15-track collection Un ramo de rosas (A bouquet of roses). The commission has also issued a notification to the administrator of the Spanish website, Juan José Coronel, for offering a link to the content.

AGEDI arg [...]

SGAE-gate. Spanish Collecting Society Facing Corruption

Not a day had elapsed since elections to the board of directors at the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE), Spain’s largest copyright collecting society, when civil guard officers suddenly raided its headquarters at Palacio de Longoria, in downtown Madrid last July 1. Workers were quickly sent out of the landmark modernist building, following orders from High Court judge Pablo Ruz. The agents were looking for evidence of a large-scale corruption scheme allegedly involving four of SGAE’s executives, including the long-serving chairman of the board, Eduardo Teddy Bautista, who was about to confirm his leadership of an organization that is as powerful as it is controversial.

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