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A Century of Dutch Copyright Law

On September 23, 1912, the Dutch Copyright ActAuteurswet – was enacted. A century after its enactment the Dutch law is one of the world’s oldest ‘living’ acts of the author’s rights tradition. While the Act has seen many small and large amendments since its adoption in 1912, it has never been thoroughly revised, so its conception and basic structure have remained essentially intact.

On August 31, 2012, the Dutch Copyright Society (Vereniging voor Auteursrecht) will celebrate the Act’s hundredth anniversary with a large international conference to be held in Amsterdam at the beautiful Royal Tropical Institute (Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen). The conference will look at [...]

NL: Lending rights. Court of Appeal The Hague (Leenrecht / VOB)

Court of Appeal The Hague, 28 June 2011,  Stichting Leenrecht v. VOB

Lending rights. Plaintiff, the Dutch Association for Lending Rights, argues that an extended loan of library books should be considered a new loan and that therefore public lending rights are due. The Court of Appeal The Hague disagrees and concludes by referring to the rental and lending right directive that an extension cannot be considered to be a new communication to the public. The extension is part of the original loan, not a new loan and payment of a new remuneration for the extension period is therefore not due.

For the full text of this case click here.

A summary of this case will be posted on [...]

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