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Majority of Dutch Providers to Block The Pirate Bay. Game Over or Next Level in Copyright Wars?

On 10 May, the District Court of The Hague extended an earlier ruling with regard to two access providers to block The Pirate Bay to several major Dutch access providers.  The providers lament the ruling and consider appealing it, but soon more than 90% of the Dutch market blocks the infamous website. On the same day, the Dutch chapter of The Pirate Party was ordered to cancel its open proxy service to The Pirate Bay and to remove referrals to other proxies from its website. Finally game over for The Pirate Bay?

At first glance, and thus according to all hastily drafted media reports, the 10 May ruling against the major providers(Dutch) follows the reasoning of the 11 January ruling  (Dutc [...]

Blocking The Pirate Bay: will the Dutch court ruling hold in appeal?

By Axel Arnbak, IViR. Last week, a Dutch district court ruled that two internet access providers, Ziggo & XS4ALL, have to block customers’ access to the IP-addresses and (sub)domains of The Pirate Bay. The providers will appeal the ruling of the District Court of The Hague. Amidst global PR-hurricanes on the legality of website blocking, sparked by several court cases and American legislative initiatives, now seems perfect time to put the Dutch blocking case into perspective.

Essentially, the 11 January 2012 case BREIN v. Ziggo/XS4ALL (Dutch) isn’t about copyright, but about enforcement. BREIN (Dutch for ‘Brain’), a foundation protecting the interests of the Dutch copyright industry, [...]

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